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          Ningbo Liaocheng Lighting Technology Co,.LTD(YuYao City XingShun Lamps CO., LTD) Located in LiangNong Town ,NingBo City. It is named the “Chinese lamps town” ,which famous for the Outdoor Lamps production. Nearby BeiLun seaport and ShangHai Seaport ,and we are very closed by the NingBo LiShe Airport and XiaoShan Airport . Convenient transport and good service are waiting for you.

          As a professional and experienced manufacturer, We provide complete service of a product design, mold design, product test and we have been approved by the IOS9000 standard and have a good reputation in the whole world market. Besides, We have more than 100 employees and we can produce more than 5000 sets per day.

          We specialized in the High-Pole Lamps Series; Middle-Pole Lamps Series;Street Lamps Series;Garden/ Lamps Series; Lawn Lamps Series ;Underground Lamps Series; Project Lamps Series and more than 17 Series ,and we can produce according your personal design and draft is also acceptable.

          We will much appreciate it if we can have your advices and question .

          Welcome to our factory!!!

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